Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Improving U.S. Economy, Gold Price Down to Lowest Level 3 Week

Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange fell on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , closed at its lowest level since April 1 , depressed positive U.S. economic data .
The most active gold contract for June delivery lost 7.4 dollars, or 0.57 percent , to settle at 1281.1 dollars per ounce .

The U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency on Tuesday reported that U.S. home prices rose a seasonally adjusted 0.6 percent in February , and up 6.9 percent from the same period last year .

National Housing Association of Realtors ( NAR ) said that although the sale of the house " existing homes " ( homes that have been previously owned or homes that have been built previously for a month or also known as home resales ) fell 0.2 percent in March to the adjusted annual rate seasonal 4.59 million units , low inventories have increased the average selling price of existing homes up to 198 500 U.S. dollars in March , up 7.9 percent year- on-year .

In addition , the Richmond Fed manufacturing index has come back into positive territory in April , increased to positive from negative seven seven in March .

U.S. equities also rose on Tuesday, supported positive economic data , which in turn weakens the price of gold .

Gold holdings of SPDR Gold Trust , the biggest gold -based ETF in the world , fell to 792.14 tonnes on Monday from 795.14 tonnes on Thursday and from 806.82 tonnes on Tuesday .

Market analysts believe that gold's decline below the current levels can trigger a rapid downward trend , with the next landing point around 1,240 U.S. dollars .
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While silver for May delivery was up one cent , or 0.05 per cent to close at 19.361 dollars per ounce . Platinum for July delivery dropped 0.4 dollars, or 0.03 percent, to end at 1400.3 dollars per ounce .


It was the first voice quivered Tell Sewol Scuttled Ships

It was the first voice quivered Tell Sewol Scuttled Ships
One of the initial information from Sewol ferry that sank in South Korean waters , coming from the phone of a child who is in the ark . The local fire station received a call at 8:52 am . Exactly three minutes after the ferry overturned .

As reported by Reuters on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) , the call is then forwarded to the Coast Guard two minutes later . Then spread to about 20 firefighters .
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" Voice first call informing Sewol sinking ship shaking and it sounded urgent , " said a firefighter told MBC TV .

It took a while to identify the ship is Sewol . Because the fire station when the clerk asked the boy to give the phone to the captain , the boy replied : " Do you mean the teacher ? " Pronunciation of the words for ' captain ' and ' teacher ' is similar in Korean .

From there it is believed that the caller is a student who is suspected of Danwon High School . One of the 325 students who were in Sewol .

At that time , Sewol was on a routine trip from the port of Incheon to the resort island of Jeju .

A total of 476 people were reported to be above the ferry weighing 8625 tons . 339 of them are students and teachers who were berdarma tour .
Until Tuesday , only 174 people have been rescued and the rest are all thought to have drowned . While the confirmed death toll is 104 people.
Rescue Crew
Behind blasphemy on 20 crew members survived , there was a crew Sewol which turned out to be a knight to save the passengers . He is the chief officer named Yang Dae - hong . But unfortunately , he was killed in the rescue operation .
The wife , Ahn So- hyun also responded to criticism that the ferry crew had left the ship before the passengers they were .
" My husband did not plan to leave the ship . We express condolences to those who have lost loved ones .. " said Ahn .
Ahn also feel sad like other relatives of passengers Sewol . She shared that her husband had contacted him last time . When the 44 -year -old man meneleponnnya , the water started to go on the ship .

" This ship is tilted now , " Ahn said quoting her husband who call on Wednesday at 10.00 am local time . 90 minutes before the ship rolled over and sank . " Use the money in the bank for school fees , " sambungya .

" What happened ? " Ahn confused when it asked . The husband just said " I can not talk long now , I have to go out and help the children " .

" That was his last words , " said Ahn sad .
That is not the only member of the crew who died trying to save others . Park Jee -young , the cafeteria workers also helped 20 students from Danwon High School when the ship tilted 45 degrees .

When the water began to enter the inside of the ship , Park told the students to ignore commands - which asks them to stay - and jumped off the boat . " Go to the fourth floor , " she insisted . His body was found on the first day of the rescue operation .

Nam Yun -cheol , 36 -year -old teacher from High School Danwon also died while trying to save his students . When the ship starts to sink , Nam down to the cabin to pick them up .

" I saw him throw a life vest . Was the last time anyone saw him alive , " said a student who was not named . His body was found on Thursday morning .
Meanwhile , Kim Gee - Wong who also bekeja in cafeterias also died with her boyfriend Jeong Hyun - seon 27 years old . The couple unite in love for 4 years , when they plan to get married this year


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Technology "Autopilot" So First Nissan Consumer Perceived

In addition to betting on technology to market pure electric mobi Leaf , Nissan Motor Company also has other ambitions . Immediate desire , is to become the first brand to start marketing the car with technology otonomos from 2020 .

" Next year all matters of design has been completed . We will enter an advanced stage , " said Andy Palmer , Chief Planning Officer of Nissan Motor Company in Beijing , China , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) .

Nissan otonomos technologies continue to be developed with a protective approach to safety (safety shield ) . Completeness of cameras , radars , and sensors are strung in this otonomos technology , as well put up with the concept of zero fatalities on the road . Attempts to remove the casualties on the road .

" This technology such as auto pilot on an airplane . Could take you from one location to another , without you having to touch the steering wheel . However , be in control main driver , " said Andy .

In addition to Nissan and some other car brand , company -based provider of computer services like Google is also similar technology to maximize . Seeing this , the Nissan sure did not feel negative competition . It can improve the quality and competitiveness to create the best features for consumers .
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" We saw them ( the computer company ) more as a business partner rather than an opponent , " added Andy .


Dollar Weakens , Could Stronger Dollar

The rate of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) to welcome the trade earlier this week is expected to move at the level of Rp11.428 - Rp11.409 per USD .

" Dollar rate below the resistance level Rp11.418 per USD , " said Head of Research Securities Trust Reza Priyambada in his research in Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

According to Reza , the rate of the rupiah ahead of the long holiday able to sit in the green zone as market participants responded positively to the statement of the Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) .
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" That the April price movements will tend to deflation and the Ministry of Finance plan will provide fiscal incentives to encourage the manufacturing sector in order to develop more advanced , " he continued .

Reza added , on the other hand , appreciation of the rupiah has also supported the weakening U.S. dollar after market participants expects will be rising unemployment claims in the country .

Sell ​​- Buy Foreign Currency Exchange in Bank Big 4

Rupiah in the trade of non - delivery forward ( NDF ) , are in Rp11.422 per USD . This morning Rupiah move in the range of Rp11.421 - Rp11.425 per USD .

Following the rupiah in some big banks against some major currencies like the U.S. dollar ( USD ) , Singapore dollar ( SGD ) , and the Japanese yen ( JPY ) :

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) at 8:58 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.333 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.497 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp8.988 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.236 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp109 , 29 per yen , and selling rates of Rp113 , 12 per yen .

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) at 8:57 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.325 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.525 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.007 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.233 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp109 , 18 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 13 per yen .

PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BBNI ) at 8:25 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.345 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.500 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp8.820 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.420 Singapore .
Japanese Yen , the buying rate of Rp108 , 54 per yen , and selling rates for Rp114 , 04 per yen .

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk ( BBCA ) at 8:04 pm
The U.S. dollar , the buying rate of Rp11.390 per USD , and selling rates for Rp11.440 per USD .
Singapore dollar , the buying rate of Rp9.086 per Singapore dollar and selling rates per dollar of Rp9.136 Singapore .
Japanese Yen with the buying of Rp109 , 75 per yen , and selling rates for Rp112 , 74 per yen .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Investigator: ferry captain did not hold the steering

The third officer was behind the wheel when a ferry sank in South Korea , as stated by investigators .
The divers attempted to reach the sunken wreck on Wednesday ( 16 / 04 ) ago , 270 people , including school children , are still missing .

Twenty- six people died and 179 people survived , the search for survivors on Thursday ( 17 / 04 ) Click bad weather hampered .
Investigators said the ship's captain , Lee Joon - seok , not on duty when the ferry sank Click .

" It was the third officer who runs the wheel when the accident occurred , " said Park Jae - Eok prosecutor told reporters .
" Do they turn sharply or not .... it is still under investigation , " he said .

rescue efforts
The rescue operation is performed again on Friday ( 18 / 04 ) by divers , who seeks to enter into a sinking ship .
Three heavy equipment such as a crane is used to lift the boat or move it to another area .

" We will examine various options that will be taken with extreme caution , since the use of a crane could potentially injure the victims were trapped inside the ship , " maritime security official said Yonhap news agency reported .

The cause of the sinking ship is not known , but experts suspect that the accident occurred due to hit a rock or a sharp turn , resulting in unbalanced ship .
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Sewol ferry sailing from Incheon , heading Jeju Island . The boat sank after traveling for two hours , as investigators delivered .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Different Smartfren Andromax i3 with i3s

Smartfren also launched two new variants of the series Andromax i, which is named Andromax i3 and Andromax i3s.

Striking difference of the two series is on the design and the manufacturer of the device. Andromax i3 brings a more elegant design and professional while Andromax i3s design brings a fresh and casual.

For matters of both processor equipped with Quad Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor Cortex A7, with the Adreno 302 graphics. Smartfren To equip Andromax memory business and Andromax i3s i3 with 4GB of internal memory capacity with 1GB of RAM.
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With these specifications plus a 5-inch display screen of QHD IPS and also audio system Dolby Digital Sound (i3) and DTS Audio (i3s), can certainly make the experience of playing games or simply enjoy multimedia to be different.

For Andromax i3 battery has 2000 mAh and Andromax ability i3s 2200 mAh and is also equipped with a 5 MP camera LED Flash and 1.3 MP front camera.

Package Smartfren Andromax Andromax i3s i3 and available in black and white and offered at the same price of Rp 1,499,000, - (excluding VAT) (incl. VAT) SIM Card with Smartfren, users immediately receive a free packet of data 600 MB for 7 days .

For all the latest series, this time Smartfren immerse the most advanced technology from Qualcomm Snapdragon ie Audio + technology to improve the sound output is generated, and the Snapdragon QuickCharge that can make the process of charging the battery 30% faster.


Complete file, Former Aide Rusli Zainal tried immediately

Docket suspected cases giving false testimony at the hearing with the suspect Said Faisal was declared complete or P21 and transferred to the public prosecutor . Said a former aide of Governor of Riau is also accused in the alleged bribery PON Riau , Rusli Zainal .

" Yes , ( transfer ) phase two , " said Head of Reporting and Publications Commission Priharsa Nugraha , as confirmed on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Said today come to the Commission to complete its audit file . However , after being questioned , Said was reluctant to comment about the case that trick .

Priharsa added , Said detention will be moved to Riau . The trial of this case will also be held in Riau .

Said named as a suspect for allegedly giving false information while testifying in the trial of alleged bribery case PON Riau . Said Commission announced the establishment of a suspect on 17 February.

Said suspected of violating Article 22 in conjunction with Article 35 of the Law on Corruption Eradication which regulates the submission of false information . The article includes a maximum penalty of 12 years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp 600 million .

Said was also charged under Article 15 in conjunction with Article 12 or Article 11 huurf a Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 56 . Article 15 regulates the trial or administration of agreement for the evil of corruption .
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Determination Said as a result of the development of this suspect in the alleged bribery PON Riau . This is the first time the Commission under the leadership of Volume III establishes a person as a suspect because of delivering false testimony in the trial .